Recycle. Repurpose. Replace. Pretred recycles waste tires and plastics (two of the worst recycling records).  We repurpose these materials into industrial use barriers and blocks (solid & durable).  Our green products have superior benefits and replace one of the most destructive materials on earth (concrete).  Governments, construction companies, and private entities are subsidized, incentivized, and motivated to buy from us.

Impact:  Our proprietary approach recycles approximately 60,000 tires and 60,000 lbs. of plastic for every 1,000 barriers sold (e.g. 1 mile of infrastructure = 880 barriers).

The Global Waste Tire Problem: Over 4 billion waste tires are stockpiled worldwide.  1.8 billion End-Of-Life Tires [ELT] will be generated in 2020. The top two uses for waste tires are burning and burying. Colorado has the largest waste tire dump in the U.S. (60 million tires or 1.2 billion pounds).


Repurpose into


Barriers & Blocks

Green, high-value, and high-volume usage of waste tires & plastic.

Replace Concrete


If you're still reading... here's our adventure

While fly fishing in Colorado, we saw waste tires and plastics in the river and wondered, "What can we do to make a difference?"  This led to an adventurous journey of product research, design, development, and heavy duty prototypes.  After many years of coffees, beers, and armchair quarterbacks we're excited to launch in 2020.

Let's build a better way together

Contact: Jeff Olson 303-912-2350



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